The Pipeline

September 19th Edition

In this edition of the Pipeline, we cover the items that will be most critical to be up to date on with the upcoming indoor golf season including updates to the facility, packages, leagues, and memberships.
September 19, 2021

The Pipeline


Your weekly newsletter for news, events, and happenings at Pipestone Indoor Country club.

Hello Fellow Golfers,

We hope you enjoyed an amazing summer full of outdoor golf! It has been a warm finish to the end of summer and we at Pipestone Indoor are prepared for the inevitable Michigan fall and winter and want to make sure our customers are as well.

There have been many changes happening at our facility as we have been evolving, reinvesting, and renovating to provide an enhanced indoor golf experience and are happy to announce that our third simulator should be arriving as early as tomorrow. This will allow for increased capacity for leagues as well as the opportunity for us to host more golfers during the busy hours that are approaching quickly. This, along with changes to our ball return ramps, professional carpeting, and padded panels have created a very sleek and finished look in our suites that we feel all of our customers will enjoy and we can't wait for you to check us out!

Leagues are forming and packages are available so please read on in this edition of The Pipeline to make sure you don't miss anything as we prepare to launch another exciting indoor golf season.

Hit them true,

The Crew at PICC

Packages are still available, but hurry as they will only be open for purchase in store or on our website until the end of September.

Packages are designed for customers that know they will be in for a handful of tee times and allow you to bulk purchase buckets of hours for a reduced hourly rate. Packages will be saved on your account and the hours can be used any day/time regardless of the standard rate for the time you book making them the preferable option for golfers that want to get a competitive rate and know they may be making future tee times for weekends or later in the day.

We have the two standard 5-hour and 10-hour packages that provide an hourly rate of $30 and $27.50 respectively. The package rates also never expire so if there is a lower standard rate at the time you book you can choose to elect the standard hourly rate instead of using your package hours if more desirable.

Stock up now before they are gone in the winter busy season!

Winter leagues are forming now!

Pipestone Indoor will be hosting two leagues this winter with two different entry options. One league will cap handicaps at 3 and the other will take into consideration full handicaps. This will allow the league golfers the option to continue competitive and fun golf on a recurring basis with more choices.

Contact us today to inquire about details and pricing!

Please carefully consider your options for your indoor golf this fall/winter! We will be returning to our winter hourly rates on October 1st but for our regular customers this should not impact you significantly if you take advantage of our membership, package, or league pricing.

Our annual commitment memberships (billed monthly) will now be:

  • Par - $25 per month - This locks in an hourly rate for you at $20 per hour regardless of day/time.
  • Birdie - $50 per month - This locks in an hourly rate for you at $17.50 per hour regardless of day/time.
  • Eagle - $100 per month - This locks you in an hourly rate of $15 regardless of day/time.

You can find more details about the perks and benefits of membership on our website.

September 19, 2021

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