The Pipeline

October 4th Edition

In this edition of the Pipeline, we cover upcoming league play, the opportunity for golfers to stay competitive with the Bestie Buster, and our new apparel options for the fall/winter.
October 4, 2020

The Pipeline


Your weekly newsletter for news, events, and happenings at Pipestone Indoor Country club.

The indoor golfing season is upon us! Trust us, we are just as excited as you are!

Pipestone Indoor is happy to extend the golf season indefinitely for all of our customers and as a result we wanted to provide some updates in this edition of the Pipeline related to league play, our new apparel options for the fall/winter, and the opportunity for golfers to stay competitive with the Bestie Buster.

As a reminder, it is always a good idea to check tee times on our website and book ahead if you have a specific time you would like to play. Things will be picking up quickly and we want to make sure we are prepared for you at the times you enjoy golfing at our facility.

We hope to see you all in soon!

-Hit em true-

The Crew at PICC

Leagues will be kicking off this upcoming week and we can't wait to see some familiar and new faces! As a reminder, league fees will need to be paid prior to your first round for the league if you have not paid already. We will be e-mailing all league participants shortly to provide league rules/expectations and look forward to another successful indoor league season.

We still have some space available in the A League if folks would like to try their luck and skill in a max 3 handicap weekly league! Contact us today if you are interested!

We have ordered new apparel for the upcoming indoor season and unlike the prior year, all stock is now available in store. We have PICC branded t-shirts, polos, and sweatshirts available in multiple colors and sizes.

Also, we have recently reduced the price of the exclusive Mari X sweatshirt. The print for these sweatshirts was designed by an artist and each is individually numbered to indicate that you are representing a select group of folks with the unique and comfortable look.

With some brave golf warriors attempting to get in the last rounds of outdoor golf, we also have QB style hand warmers that are likely to turn heads when are shooting darts at the pin with warm hands.

Stop in today to shop our available apparel or contact us if you are interested in shipping to friends/family.

Congrats to team Wrong Side of the Ball for their victory in the September Bestie Buster! The two lefty shooters were able to pencil a final score of -10 on the scorecard at Pebble Beach to inch past the second place team Boiler Pajamas (-9) and take home the grand prize of $200. Unfortunately, the podium was a bit lonely with only two teams participating and no one to take home bronze and the prize of a free entry for this month. There were also a total of 6 skins carded.

Speaking of this month, we will be traveling to Vietnam to visit the elevated Phoenix Resort. This course will prove to be difficult to score on with some wicked greens and wildly elevated tee shots and should prove to be a very fun challenge for golfers up to the competition.

As a reminder, the new entry cost is $10 per person for the tournament fee and an optional $10 per person if you would like to participate in a skins contest. The skins will be calculated and communicated at months end. The minimum payout will be $200 for the team ($100 per person) that finishes atop the podium with the opportunity for that payout to increase if we have over 20 entries.

All it takes to enter is you and a friend and the tournament fee of $10 + the standard hourly rate. Grab a bestie and reserve your spot to participate in October's event. Remember that you are allowed unlimited entries with payment of standard hourly rate and tournament fee.

Follow progress here!

Please carefully consider your options for your indoor golf this fall/winter! Due to our demand, you will notice a small increase in hourly rates but for our regular customers this should not impact you significantly if you take advantage of our membership or league pricing.

Our annual commitment memberships (billed monthly) will now be:

  • Par - $25 per month - This locks in an hourly rate for you at $20 per hour regardless of day/time.
  • Birdie - $50 per month - This locks in an hourly rate for you at $17.50 per hour regardless of day/time.
  • Eagle - $100 per month - This locks you in an hourly rate of $15 regardless of day/time.

You can find more details about the perks and benefits of membership on our website.

In these unprecedented times we strive to make the greatest effort possible to reduce the risk of exposure to our customers. There is no perfect method to eliminate risk, if you find our procedures and policies unsatisfactory or non-agreeable we ask that you come back again after we return to a state of pre-pandemic normalcy. Until then, we pay attention to recommendations and information provided by the CDC as well as comparable industry best-practices. Our updated procedures/policies are now on our website and they can be viewed by clicking the "Learn More" button that pops up when scrolling the site.

October 4, 2020

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