The Pipeline

November 21st Edition

In this edition we will be reintroducing golf instruction at our facility, providing a November Bestie Buster Update, and providing a sneak peek of our upcoming Black Friday promo at PCGC!
November 21, 2022

The Pipeline


Your weekly newsletter for news, events, and happenings at Pipestone Indoor Country club.

Hello Fellow Golfers!

My how things can change quickly in SW Michigan! We went from keeping the golf course open one more day, and then one more day, to snow in the blink of an eye. As unpredictable as mother nature can be around this time in Michigan, 73 degrees on Thursday to less than 45 on Friday, your golf plans do not have to fall victim to that unpredictablity thanks to Pipestone Golf!

Things are picking up quickly and we have a couple of announcements we are excited about in this edition of the Pipeline including the reintroduction of golf instruction at our facility with two new preferred instructors and a very exciting Black Friday promo coming soon to our sister golf course, Pipestone Creek GC. You also won't want to miss what is now available through our Eagle membership that may be motivating some to ask for a membership upgrade on their Christmas wish list.

We know it is a few days early, but from the Pipestone Indoor crew to you, our valued customers, Happy Thanksgiving and we are looking forward to continuing to see you stop through for some good time golf! Please enjoy this time with your families and we wish you a heartful day of food, football, family, and friends!

Hit em' true,

The Crew at PICC

Lessons are back!

We are thrilled to announce that golf instruction is returning to Pipestone Indoor Country Club this indoor season with the addition of two preferred golf instructors that will be available for scheduling in our simulator suites.

If you are interested, you can find the bios for Perry Melcher and Ryan Clem on the main page of our website. When clicking on the "Book a Lesson" button you will be prompted to send an e-mail to your selected instructor where you can work directly with them on scheduling and to understand their rates. Once you have aligned on a time, they should be scheduling your session for you and the learning can commence from there!

If you have any questions or concerns related to lessons and the opportunity for you to grow your game, do not hesitate to reach out to us through the website.

November Bestie Buster UPDATE!

A familiar team is atop the podium at this point in the November Bestie Buster with Boiler Pajamas (-5) just squeezing by team M&Ms (-4) for the top spot. Competition is starting to heat up as we already have been able to fill the podium this month with a couple of days left to go! Reserve your spot to participate before December 4th.

We have aligned this month's Bestie Buster with a tournament that Golfzon is holding nationally for all Golfzon simulators! The GNAT is being hosted by Golfzon in the United States and boasts a total prize pool of $10,000 for participants. The best part is, there is no tournament fee to participate and you can enter as many times as you would like before it ends on December 4th. You would still have to cover your hourly suite rental time and we would recommend scheduling at least an hour per participant.

If you want to double up and participate in the Bestie Buster as well, you are more than welcome to do so by covering the $10 tournament fee per person which makes you eligible for the prizes provided directly from Pipestone Indoor CC. You DO NOT have to participate in the Bestie Buster to participate in the GNAT Tourney. As a result of the collab, the difficulty settings will be preset as provided by Golfzon for the GNAT tournament.

The GNAT is at Pebble Beach and runs through Sunday, December 4th, at which point we will announce winners and communicate the Bestie for December.

You must have a Golfzon login in order to participate and you can either create a login online through Golfzon or inquire about how to set one up while visiting.

Black Friday

We will be running a promotion for the purchase of an Individual Season Pass at Pipestone Creek Golf Course on Friday, November 25th for Black Friday. Our Season Pass allows golfers to schedule and play good time golf without any greens fees due at the time of check in by paying for the pass in advance. Golfers would still be responsible for the daily ride fee for their round unless they choose to purchase the cart add-on as well. The Black Friday promo will be taking $100 off of an already amazing deal for a season pass bringing the total cost to only $400 on Friday. The promotion will only be available for the first 100 customers starting at 8:00 am on Friday and we will be communicating the promo code through multiple channels on Thanksgiving day. If interested, and in order to make sure you receive the code, make sure you are either following us on social media (Instagram/Facebook) or subscribed to the golf course e-club.

Also, to maximize the value, and considering you are receiving this newsletter through Pipestone Indoor CC, we wanted to make sure you were aware of the full benefits of the Eagle membership now that we have Pipestone Creek GC wrapped into the benefits as well. Eagle Memberships ($100 per month) now include:

- Individual Season Pass to Pipestone Creek GC with Cart Add-On
- Eagle Member Rate at Pipestone Indoor CC ($16.50/hour, any day of the week/time of day)
- 15% discount on retail at both PCGC & PICC
- Complimentary club regripping service (Once/calendar year, purchase of grips still required)
- Free Golfzon Membership Card at PICC ($5 for replacement)
- Priority locker access at PICC, when available

Please contact us through the website if you have any questions or concerns related to anything shared here or if you are thinking about upgrading your current membership.

Closed for Thanksgiving

Pipestone Indoor Country Club does not close often, as a matter of fact we only close three days out of the year for the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas). One of those holidays is quickly approaching so we will be shutting down the facility on Thursday, November 24th to spend some valuable time with our families.

If you have recurring tee times set up for that Thursday please plan ahead and give us a call to either cancel the appointment or move to another time in the week.

Thank you all in advance for your understanding!

November 21, 2022

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