The Pipeline

November 14th Edition

In this edition of the Pipeline, we cover the results of the first ever multi-location tournament, job opportunities with PICC, and our upcoming facility closure for Thanksgiving among other quick reminders.
November 14, 2020

The Pipeline


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Hello Fellow Golfers,

Masters weekend has been a fall treat that already feels like it is moving way too fast. We hope you are enjoying some high quality, late season golf. If you missed it, we also just wrapped up some tournament golf here at Pipestone Indoor. See the article below for a summary of winners and how well Southwest Michigan showed up to represent for our first multi-location tournament.

Also, we hope everyone is staying safe and well as COVID cases spike. We want to ensure you that the PICC crew is doing everything we can to create a safe environment for you and to reduce the risk of spread as much as possible. We want to remind you that we have some robust new policies and procedures that are highlighted on our website, so please browse those when you have chance. We plan on staying open as long as we are legally able and to provide a nice private recreational escape, but we will continue to abide by any mandates that may develop.

Just a friendly reminder, please plan ahead. With things cooling down outside they are certainly heating up here. We are starting to book up quickly, especially on the weekends and you will want to book online or call in advance if there are certain days/times that work best for you to avoid missing out on your desired tee time.

Thank you everyone and enjoy what is left of Masters Weekend!

-Hit em true-

The Crew at PICC

We are excited to announce that the loyal customers at Pipestone Indoor Country Club represented very well in our first ever multi-location tournament. Not only did we have the overall tourney winner come from our facility but we also had another PICC golfer place second. In addition, PICC had the most individual entries (37) and tied for second for the most individual entrants (12). We had a total of 116 entries across all locations bringing the prize pool to a whopping $1160!

I have provided the leaderboard breakdown below, but wanted to start by congratulating Matt Sexton for shooting the best round in the tournament (-4) and Justin Pisarski for a tie with the second best round (-3). Congratulations to both of you on your excellent rounds!

Due to the three way tie for 2nd in the Gross Score pool, all facilities agreed on combining the prize pool for 2nd and 3rd place and splitting among the golfers who tied for second.

Low Gross

1st Place - BoilerMatt (-4)

2nd Place (three way tie) - Pajama, Bwest (GolfPlay), Corey C (Coastal Swing) (-3)

Low Net (New Perio)

1st Place - Smcclure (Beyond Golf) (-2.4)

2nd Place - Dusty33 (-2.2)

3rd Place - Corey C (Coastal Swing) (-1.8)

Thank you to all who participated! For those that finished on the podium, please see us at the front desk the next time you come in and we will cut you a check for your winnings. We are already actively working with the other locations to plan our next tournament so please stay tuned!

We are looking to bring on three additional part time workers for the months of November-March. The job will be 10 hours per week, at a minimum, with main responsibilities including helping customers with starting their tee times, cleaning the facility, and working the front desk. The job pays minimum wage or $9.65 per hour. Employees can also enjoy the added perk of discounted simulator time which may be very appealing to golfers. The main shifts we will be looking for help with will be mornings and nights on the weekends but can always be flexible. Must be 18 years old to apply.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in the opportunity please e-mail and attach a resume and Dustin will reach out to applicants with next steps. Please also e-mail Dustin if you have any questions about the job.

Apply to become part of the team today and help us in allowing our customers to Seize the Game!

Please carefully consider your options for your indoor golf this fall/winter! Due to our demand, you will notice a small increase in hourly rates but for our regular customers this should not impact you significantly if you take advantage of our membership or league pricing.

Our annual commitment memberships (billed monthly) will now be:

  • Par - $25 per month - This locks in an hourly rate for you at $20 per hour regardless of day/time.
  • Birdie - $50 per month - This locks in an hourly rate for you at $17.50 per hour regardless of day/time.
  • Eagle - $100 per month - This locks you in an hourly rate of $15 regardless of day/time.

You can find more details about the perks and benefits of membership on our website.

Pipestone Indoor Country Club does not close often, as a matter of fact we only close three days out of the year for the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas). One of those holidays is quickly approaching so we will be shutting down the facility on Thursday, November 26th to spend some valuable time with our families.

If you have recurring tee times set up for that Thursday please plan ahead and give us a call to either cancel the appointment or move to another time in the week.

Thank you all in advance for your understanding!

In these unprecedented times we strive to make the greatest effort possible to reduce the risk of exposure to our customers. There is no perfect method to eliminate risk, if you find our procedures and policies unsatisfactory or non-agreeable we ask that you come back again after we return to a state of pre-pandemic normalcy. Until then, we pay attention to recommendations and information provided by the CDC as well as comparable industry best-practices. Our updated procedures/policies are now on our website and they can be viewed by clicking the "Learn More" button that pops up when scrolling the site.

November 14, 2020

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