The Pipeline

March 7th Edition

In this edition of the Pipeline, we cover a change in ownership at Pipestone Creek Golf Course, downtime in the Streetview Suite, and a change to appointment booking procedures.
March 6, 2022

The Pipeline


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Hello Fellow Golfers,

Is it spring yet? The weather is trying to get warmer, the birds are starting to chirp, we're all about to lose an hour of sleep, and changes at PICC are in the air! First and foremost we apologize to all of those who were affected by the downtime of our Streetview Suite, but we have received the necessary parts and are back to full capacity! With the warmer weather comes a slow down at PICC, and a modification to our standard booking practices, more is explained below. Last, but not least, we are happy to announce a change in ownership at Pipestone Creek Golf Course!

Hit them true,

The Crew at PICC

New Ownership at PCGC

As of Friday, February 25th, the owners of Pipestone Indoor Country Club are now the proud owners of Pipestone Creek Golf Course. Pipestone Creek GC originally opened in 1957 as a 6-Hole course built by Bruce Dustin and his father. In the decades since, additional holes have been added in the process of becoming the 18-hole course it is today. The course has remained in the family first being transferred to Bruce's daughter Lori, and now to his grandson's Adam and Dustin Lester. Outside of ownership, the entire family has played a part in maintaining, building, and caring for the course. Everyone in the family as well as the loyal customers deserve credit in its continued success and survival. We look forward to continued improvement at the course and exploring creative ways to grow the business as well as its impact on the Berrien County community and the game of golf. Pipestone Creek GC has long prided itself on being "the golf course for the rest of us", and that creed will continue to drive every decision that is made.

Streetview is back!

Going into this winter season, avoiding downtime due to system maintenance was a point of emphasis for us. We made a sizable investment in back-up parts to try to minimize any downtime that could inconvenience our customers and reduce our ability to generate revenue. Still, Tuesday night February 22nd, disaster struck... While trying to replace the screen in the Streetview Suite, a mistake was made. The old screen was removed and upon attempting to install its replacement, we discovered that the wrong size had been sent to us. This wouldn't be a huge problem if we were able to temporarily reinstall the old screen, however previous repairs to that screen made it necessary to physically cut it from its frame... Which as many of you know, left us screenless. Thankfully the team at Golfzon did a tremendous job expediting the production and shipment of new screens from Korea. We received them Friday, March 4th, promptly installed the replacement, and are back to three systems! Thank you for your understanding of reduced appointment availability and thank you again for those whose appointments required rescheduling. If you are curious about the installation process, there is a video on our Tik Tok,

Changing to Advanced Appointment-Only

With the warmer weather comes the slowdown at PICC. This year we will continue to maintain our hours of 8a-Midnight every day over the course of the summer with the caveat that appointments must be made at least 24 hours in advance. This allows us to ensure that our customers can still golf during the standard hours of operation with proper notice. When PICC is not busy, this allows us to focus our energy on other projects away from the shop, such as those at Pipestone Creek Golf Course! 24 hour advanced appointments will start Sunday, May 1st and are expected to run through the end of August. Reoccurring appointments are still a great option for those looking for consistent practice time.

Member Reminder

Memberships at PICC are an annual commitment, billed monthly. At the end of a year of membership, it will automatically be renewed unless we receive notice for cancellation. After a year of membership, it can be cancelled at any time. If a membership is cancelled, there will be a 12 month period before a new one can be started. Please contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about your membership.

March 6, 2022

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