The Pipeline

January 21st Edition

In this edition of the Pipeline, we cover some important reminders for peak season, opportunities for savings through membership, and potential upcoming promos.
December 28, 2021

The Pipeline


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Hello Fellow Golfers,

It seems as though we are finally into the throws of winter, and we hope you and those you care about are staying warm and staying healthy. In the heart of our third full season, and our first full season with a third simulator suite and the capacity to serve beer, things are staying busy and going well. We hope that you are enjoying the efforts that we made throughout the summer to improve our simulator bays and the experience you have while enjoying our facilities. As we remain busy throughout the cold months, remember to be proactive about booking your times. Setting up reoccurring appointments is encouraged if you want to get in your weekly swings! For those who visit frequently and are looking to save some dollars, memberships are a great option. See the information below on whether or not that is something that could work for you. If you have not yet made plans for the Super Bowl, keep an eye out for potential promotions for a unique way to enjoy the game and play some golf!

Hit them true,

The Crew at PICC

Winter is busy

For those interested in playing on weekends we recommend booking a week in advance. For weekdays, a few days is probably sufficient. A good idea for those looking to play on a regular cadence is to set up a reoccurring tee time throughout the winter months. You are always able to cancel them in the future or on a week by week basis, we just request cancellations be made at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. If you do see that the website is booked up for a particular day, feel free to give us a call and request to be added to the wait list. Cancellations do happen.

Another side note for peak season: If you book your appointments online, remember that the times you are presented are the next available. Always double check "am/pm" and which date the time is for. Also for those who book online, you are able to view your future appointments and make cancellations from your profile. You can also see remaining units on packages you have or adjust the methods by which you receive notifications as well as their frequency. See the picture below for clarification!


Packages are not available during peak months. The next best way to save some money is to sign up for a membership, but it's important to understand how they work! A membership exchanges a monthly charge for a lower hourly rate. It is also at least a 1 year commitment. You cannot cancel a membership after a couple of months without incurring a penalty, and there will be restrictions on if/when you are eligible for one in the future. The benefit to us, as a business, is simple, we establish steady annual revenue in exchange for a lower rate for our most loyal and regular customers. The benefit to you is also simple, you can save money. Many people do not sign up for the memberships because of the annual commitment. However, if you explore the pricing below, it does not take long to see that the money saved over the winter can more than justify the monthly charges even for those who do not plan on visiting during the summer. Again, for our regular customers, it is a great option.

One other important consideration: The membership rate applies to the time booked regardless of how many people are enjoying the suite. The condition is that the member must be present. Friends and family cannot use a member's account or enjoy their rate if the member is not present.

If you have any additional questions please reach out!

Our annual commitment memberships (billed monthly) will now be:

  • Par - $25 per month - This locks in an hourly rate for you at $20 per hour regardless of day/time.
  • Birdie - $50 per month - This locks in an hourly rate for you at $17.50 per hour regardless of day/time.
  • Eagle - $100 per month - This locks you in an hourly rate of $15 regardless of day/time.

December 28, 2021

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