The Pipeline

August 19th Edition

In this edition we will be covering price changes for the upcoming season, registration for our winter leagues, and a return to normal business hours in the near future.
August 18, 2022

The Pipeline


Your weekly newsletter for news, events, and happenings at Pipestone Indoor Country club.

Hello Fellow Golfers!

We hope everyone has had a fantastic summer and that you are able to stretch your summer festivities as far as possible! When you are ready for indoor golf, we will be here for you, as we have for the past 3 years. Truth is, the indoor golf season is quickly approaching and after The Pipeline's summer hibernation we have some very important updates for you including price updates (coming very soon so please read on) and the official public announcement that the winter Benton Harbor Arts District (BHAD) league is open for registration.

Before we get too far into it, with changes in the economic environment that are very much out of our control, and affecting most businesses, we will be raising our prices across almost all of our offerings including our hourly rates, membership rates, packages, etc. In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we will cover the increases in each of the sections below and how you may be able to benefit before the increases go into effect on Thursday, September 1st. As much as we would like to maintain our prices at a consistent rate, we have to make some small adjustments in order to not only maintain the service you have come to expect at Pipestone Indoor Country Club but also to allow us to invest in additional value that we can pass on to you as our loyal customers. We firmly believe that our price structure still allows all of our customers to walk out of our facility feeling a great sense of value and enjoyment from their experience at our facility.

With that being said, we are happy to announce that we will be returning to our standard business hours of 8:00 am - 12:00 pm every day of the week beginning on Tuesday, September 6th. We can't wait to see you all again!

Hit them true,

The Crew at PICC

Standard Hourly Rate Increases

Please see the image to the right for our updated hourly rates that will be effective Thursday, September 1st. The rates that are pictured are the rates you can expect per hour of simulator time. Please recall that simulator time can be booked in 15 minute increments with the minimum time being a 30 minute "Express Suite Rental". If you book your future suite rental prior to September 1st for an appointment after September 1st online then you will still benefit from the legacy pricing that is pictured.

If you plan on coming in regularly, we would highly suggest checking out our package and membership options which allow you to benefit from much more competitive pricing if you know you will be a regular customer.

The rate increases will show in our system automatically when effective so you will have an accurate representation of the price you can expect to pay when booking through our website.

Package Rate Increases

Package rates have also increased to match the increases in the standard hourly rates. Packages can be money savers especially if you intend on booking your tee times in the afternoons or weekends. The reason being, packages are useable any time of the day and week without any changes to your expected hourly rate. For example, if you book a tee time for the weekend and the new standard hourly rate is $45.00 you will be saving $15.00 per hour. One other added benefit is that packages NEVER expire, so even if you bought one today you could still use it in future years regardless of any potential prices increases.

Are we offering a discount that makes our current tee time more beneficial than the package? No worries, because you can elect to pay the rate that is more beneficial and save your package units for a later date when it benefits you most.

Also, BIG BONUS, that the packages with the legacy pricing are available on our website and will continue to be available until September 1st. If you were interested in a package or are a frequent purchaser, now is the time to extend the benefit even further. Call today (leave a voicemail if we are unavailable) or purchase online now if you are interested. Get them while supplies last as packages will no longer be available at the end of September!

Member Rates Increases

Our memberships are likely are most beneficial and robust offering, especially for those that know they will be in regularly or want to set up recurring appointments. Memberships will also have some slight price increases as pictured to the right. Identical to packages, membership hourly rates are good regardless of what day/time you book your tee time AND only one member needs to be present in the room in order for the entire session to be covered at the membership rate.

Don't forget that there are benefits to membership beyond a discounted hourly rate including retail discounts, a free Golfzon membership card to track your handicap and past rounds, AND reduced league fees that would be based on your membership hourly rate instead of the package pricing. Also, don't forget that at the beginning of the summer we added the Eagle membership benefit of including a Single Membership to Pipestone Creek Golf Course. If you start to do the math, things can really add up for you if interested.

Please recall that memberships are an annual commitment and are built like a subscription service where the recurring fee will be charged to the credit card you start the membership with on a monthly basis. The hourly rate that is pictured is the rate you will enjoy per hour when using the suites. Once you have made 12 payments you will have the option to either continue your membership automatically or to discontinue your membership without penalty.

If you are interested in a membership, please feel free to contact us through our website or give us a call and we will be happy to help answer any questions or concerns for you!

Leagues are Forming!!!

But act quick! We only have room for 20 teams and we have heard a lot of interest in our winter leagues during the slow season.

We will be returning to an A flight and B flight format where the A flight handicap will be capped (current cap expected to be a handicap of ~3-5 or below) and the B flight will be for all handicaps. Ultimately, you can choose to play in either flight but if you choose to play in the A flight your max handicap will be capped. Space will be limited to 20 teams, so please be sure to contact me at if interested and I will add you to the list. Please be advised that the registration will not be guaranteed or finalized until payment is received.

We will run the league over 20 weeks starting the week of October 10th and anticipate wrapping everything up prior to the end of March which includes two position rounds and a championship week (free of charge) for those that compete in the finals.

The league fees will be tiered to benefit those that sign up quick. If you sign up now until August 31st your league fee will be $280 per person, between September 1st through September 30th it will jump to $290 per person, and the standard rate of $300 per person will be active October 1st until league starts.

If you are teetering on signing up for a membership, check out the section on memberships above to see how you can have a reduced league fee equal to your membership rate if you sign up for a membership before submitting your league fee payment.

August 18, 2022

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