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Expansion at Pipestone Indoor Golf Simulator Facility
August 18, 2021

For those that follow us closely on social media and/or have had the opportunity to visit our facility over the past few months, you are likely no stranger to the renovations that have been occurring at Pipestone Indoor Country Club. We have completed the groundwork for the arrival of our new, third simulator suite in early September and have completed a refresh in the original two simulator suites as well. These updates allow us an opportunity to reinvest the revenue we have generated from our amazing customers and will allow for increased capacity in the upcoming busy season.

As a note, we are still OPEN, but please pardon our dust as we manage through the final updates to the facility while continuing to operate. We should be ready to roll at full capacity come mid-September.

Check out Moody on the Market's article covering the expansion here!

August 18, 2021

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