COVID-19 Update (12/20/2020)

Update to COVID Policies and Procedures from announcement on 12/18/2020.
December 20, 2020

The state of Michigan recently updated its restrictions on businesses. Not much has changed for us, with the exception that we can more confidently justify our continued operations since the new categories of “Lower risk entertainment facilities” and “Lower risk recreational facilities” seem applicable to Pipestone Indoor CC.

We will remain open with the following requirements:

- Masks on

- Temp Checks at the door

- One person/suite (same household exempt)

- No food or drink sales

- 15 minute buffers between appointments

- Suites sanitized after use

The following are the definitions and restrictions from the health department that dictate our operating procedures:


“Lower risk entertainment facility” means: auditoriums; arenas; cinemas; concert halls; performance venues; sporting venues; stadiums; and theaters.

“Lower risk recreational facilities” means recreational facilities where there is not physical contact among participants, there is minimal interaction between households participating in activities, masks can be worn, and, if indoors, activities involve a low degree of exhalation or physical exertion. This means: archery ranges; amusement parks; arcades; bingo halls; bowling centers; casinos; and gun ranges.

“Gathering” means any occurrence, either indoor or outdoor, where two or more persons from more than one household are present in a shared space.

“Household” means a group of persons living together in a shared dwelling with common kitchen or bathroom facilities. In dwellings with shared kitchen or bathroom facilities occupied by 20 or more unrelated persons, households are defined by individuals who share a bedroom.


Gatherings are permitted at lower risk entertainment facilities and lower risk recreational facilities, provided that:

- Organizers do not permit persons to mingle with others from outside of their household;

- Household groups consist of no more than 6 persons;

- Households are spaced or seated at least 6 feet apart;

- No food or beverages are sold or consumed on the premises

And so,

Given the above conditions, we can not permit people from separate households to be in the same room, and reasonably argue that we are in compliance with the state’s orders. So, we will continue to operate with 1 golfer per suite with the exception of the same households.

We also want to be clear that we are permitting the same households to play together, with the requirement that they sign a waiver confirming that they are indeed living in the same house. This waiver is not intended to be a legal work-around. It is meant to provide evidence to the state that we are following the orders, should an outbreak occur at our facility, or our facility be the source of new infections. Customers who visit our facility during this restricted period, are genuinely expected to abide by the policies, and not expose our operation to unnecessary risk and liability. We do everything we can to mitigate possible spread of the virus and continue to operate, and are confident our customers do as well. We also understand the odds of a worst-case-scenario coming to fruition are low, however we are not in a position to play the odds, and our best course of action is to simply comply with the orders and operate legally.

The most recent orders will lift on January 15th. We very much look forward to returning to standard operations and we appreciate the understanding of our customers through what has been a difficult and uncertain 2nd season.

Happy holidays to all and we hope you enjoy this season with your family!

December 20, 2020

come visit!